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st3alth.com 2003

One of my first websites, initially produced to build a gaming community, then gig photography, then anything and everything!

Peter Rustage

flamingbishop.com 2007

"Nice work :)
We're getting an excellent looking website here Thank you! "

Chris Bishop

shazstanley.co.uk 2007

"Thanks Pete - it looks much better now.
Well done and thanks for getting it sorted so quickly - I will recommend you! Cheers!"

Sharon Stanley


Halo 2 Xbox Clan Page 2003

A simple site

YourBoatPictures.com 2008

A testimonial has been promised from

Chris Bardwell

JimConnolly.org 2007

"The WebPage is looking just great and I couldn't be more pleased.
Many Thanks Pete.

I think my Web Page is first class.
So are you.

I think this is just the best Pete.
My kind of thing all together.


Jim Connolly


TonyEvansSculptures.co.uk 2007

"I didn't expect you to be so efficient in setting it up!

Hi Pete, you are too quick for me to keep up!!

It's great now!"

Tony Evans

SteveHighfieldPhotography 2007

"WOW !!!

That looks a stunner for starters !

It looks terrific !

I've just had the pleasure to view your superb web creation of my new gallery - it's FANTASTIC !!!

The gallery is easy to navigate and I think that's the best way for a prospective buyer to view.

Well done Pete, you're a fast worker indeed :-)

Many Thanks for your work so far."

Steve Highfield

South Africa 2007

University XHTML Coding Project


johnkneen.com 2011

"I'm happy with the way the site looks, even though it is as you say a basic design, that is all I really wanted. "

John Kneen

AquatechServices.com.au 2010

For Jules Holliday

PeteRustage.com 2012

Current personal website



Full website - $1000 or $20 per hour

- $80 per year fast & reliable web hosting.

- 10 page website, using your logos, images, videos, music and text.

- Registration of a domain name
e.g .co.uk, co.nz or .com
subject to availability.

- Galleries with photographs of your product/service.

- A form linked to your email, so visitors can contact you with their requirements.

- Search engine optimization (to secure a high ranking in search engines)

Please tell me as much as you can about what you want:
Information on products and services for pages,
colour & design preferences,
pictures, videos, music...
and of course your contact details....

There are endless possibilities.

Which www. url .com would you like?

Click here to order via email

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